Graduating seniors give JVS’ Youth Mentoring program plenty to celebrate


JVS is prepping all the pomp and circumstance for their four graduating seniors who have been participating in Youth Mentoring for four months or longer.

Between these four seniors, there is plenty to celebrate. “They have a long list of acceptances to colleges including Avila University, Park University, Saint Mary University, Rockhurst University, Donnelly College, University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Central Missouri, Kansas State University, Metropolitan Community College (Penn Valley & Blue River campuses), and Olivet University!” said Sarah Tomas Morgan, Youth Mentor Coordinator at JVS.

In a short time, they’ve racked up plenty of accomplishments. “Collectively, they have received tens of thousands of dollars of scholarships, and at least one of their seniors is both an A+ and KC Scholars recipient,” Tomas Morgan said.

“These participants are all classroom leaders and impressive scholars who completed most of the financial aid and college application processes with the help of their high school counselors.”

JVS’ Youth Mentor program also provided critical support and encouragement along the way. “One senior and her mentor went on a college visit together, another mentor is providing substantial support navigating the community college process, and yet another senior has been working with her mentor (who is a doctor) for over a year to learn about the medical field!” Tomas Morgan said.

Also adding to the support available, JVS Youth Mentoring has had an ongoing College 101 series of talks for participants’ parents this spring. They also hosted a roundtable discussion for seniors where they discussed making college decisions. And now they get to plan a celebration for their graduates in May.

So far, one of their seniors will be attending Avila University to study nursing, one will be attending Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley, and two are undecided but want to study medicine.

JVS’ Youth Mentor program has created a strong support system for their Youth Mentoring participants, and it’s great to see the youth in this program benefit from that and run with it. Here’s to all their bright futures!

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