Jewish Vocational Service’s Youth Mentoring team helps a client find transportation

Outdoor sports can be a great way to relieve stress, stay active, and become familiar with one’s peers. So when JVS learned one of their Youth Mentoring clients was unable to find transportation to get home from soccer conditioning, they sprung into action.

“We felt strongly that participating in outdoor sports was an important opportunity for her mental and physical health, so we decided to get creative!” said Sarah Tomas Morgan, Youth Mentor Coordinator at JVS. They initially tried to coordinate with the client’s school to arrange transportation. But when that didn’t work, creativity came into play.

The Youth Mentoring staff decided to use Emergency Assistance funds to purchase a “recycled” bike and helmet from Kansas City nonprofit 816 Bicycle Collective, as well as a bike lock.

“Biking was actually our participant’s idea, and she has been biking the 3 miles to and from practice ever since!” said Tomas Morgan.

Oh, to be young and full of energy to not only participate in soccer conditioning but also bike to and from practice!

Hats off to the team at JVS and their Youth Mentoring participant for being flexible and innovative when faced with a conundrum.

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