International Institute Teen Programs Celebrate the End of the School Year

Is there anything more magical than the sigh of relief that follows those final days of classes, tutoring, projects, and exams? I don’t think so.

IISTL’s Teen Programs Coordinator, Katherine Schoeberle, and others in the education department wanted to capitalize on this feeling and give teens

something fun to hold onto, a reward for making it to the end of year and yet another chapter of the pandemic.

“Yard Games needed for Teen Program Event.” That was the subject line of an All-Staff email received by everyone at IISTL, and I knew something fun was in store.

It turns out the team was able to collect from staff and volunteers jumbo Jenga, cornhole, and washers for the event. They also played Pictionary and Charades where things apparently got pretty competitive. As if that wasn’t enough, there was a raffle where teens could win a bicycle, soccer cleats and more fun goodies.

With staff and volunteers fully vaccinated, they were able to navigate COVID restrictions without a hitch, hosting activities in the high-ceiling gym with fans to keep the air moving.

“My favorite part was everyone socializing and being able to hang out with their friends,” said Schoeberle. “There was lots of laughing and picture-taking. Many of our youth have struggled with mental health and isolation over the past 15 months; it was so great to see them enjoying themselves!”

The goal was to do something special for the students, and I think they succeeded.

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