Countless organizations have created and compiled COVID-19 resources for immigrants and refugees as well as service providers. MO-ORA has aggregated all those resources and categorized them here for easy access.

Resources in Other Languages

Translated CDC resources in refugee languages: Print Resources

Translate Flyers: COVID-19 Resource page

YouTube videos in 11 (and growing) key languages: Basic facts and safety precautions for the coronavirus

Resource in Spanish: Immigrante Informado

A round up of multilingual resource: Switchboard

Explanation of COVID-19 in 8 languages: Resources about COVID-19

CDC created this communication toolkit to help public health professionals, health departments, community organizations, and healthcare systems and providers reach populations who may need COVID-19 prevention messaging in their native languages: Find it Here.

General tools, resources, and support

Information on getting tested, volunteering, and donating: While at home

Refugee USA Council compiled resources: RUSAC

Welcoming America compiled resources for immigrants: Google Doc

Resources by category: NY Time Article

Map tracking COVID-19 all over the world: Map

Insulin at a reduced rate: Information on insulin at reduced rate due to COVID-19

Information on COVID-19 testing: Coronavirus testing

Videos and PowerPoint slides in for policies related to COVID-19: Telehealth policies

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration‘s guide to coping with social distancing, quarantine, and isolation: Tip Sheet

The National Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) at the National Institute of Health (NIH) guide on coping with stress related to COVID-19: Shareable resources

Specific to Immigrant and Refugee Service Providers

Helping client navigate economic hardships: Switchboard

For Cultural Orientation Providers: Resources on COVID-19 for Cultural Orientation providers on CORE’s website

Mental health resource: Helping Refugee Clients Cope During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mental health resource: Helping Refugee Children and Parents Cope During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mental health resource: COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide from the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Mental health resource: That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief

Counselors available in over 100 different languages for anyone experiencing emotional distress during this pandemic: Disaster Distress Helping

CDC information during COVID-19: Pregnancy and Breast feeding

CDC information available in multiple languages: If you are sick or caring for someone who is ill

Supporting frontline staff during COVID-19: Tips

For essential workers: workplace Safety for Essential Workers

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits and requirements: Basic eligibility information

Specific to Immigrant and Refugee Service Providers:

Resources for clients covering Cultural Orientation topics, English lessons, and working in the US: Settle In

Connect clients to inexpensive Internet access: Lifeline

Virtual job readiness assistance: Videos and podcasts

Tips for virtual interviewing: here, here, here, and here