Missouri Office of Refugee Administration

The Missouri Office of Refugee Administration (MO-ORA) is a private non-profit arm of International Institute of St. Louis.  MO-ORA was selected by the federal Office of Refugee Administration (ORR) to be the Replacement Designee that administers the refugee resettlement program for the state of Missouri beginning May 1, 2018.

As a Replacement Designee, MO-ORA is responsible for various components of refugee resettlement, such as Refugee Cash Assistance and Refugee Support Services programs (including Youth Mentoring, Services to Older Refugees and Refugee School Impact).  MO-ORA subcontracts and/or partners with various local refugee resettlement programs throughout the state, as well the Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, to ensure access to resources needed to help ORR-serviced populations rebuild their lives.

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